Troy University to test Trazer

Troy University First Collegiate Football Program To Test New Movement Analysis System

The Athletic Department at Troy University in Alabama has always had world-class medical and training partners. The school still has a strong relationship with their first team doctor, Dr. James Andrews, who’s known for treating the likes of RGIII, Bryce Harper, Rajon Rondo, just to name a few. And they’ve had a long-standing relationship with their athletic training and sports medicine provider, Champion Sports Medicine. This relationship led the Trojan football team to be one of the first collegiate programs, and the first football program, to undergo testing for a movement analysis system known as DorsaVi.

DorsaVi, developed in Australia about eight years ago, is a wearable sensor technology that uses 2D and 3D analysis through cameras and sensors to provide objective data on specific movements. Athletes perform a series of movements while wearing the sensors that are synced to HD cameras to produce real-time data. That data is then used to determine injury risk, guide training, and determine when it’s safe to return to play. Read More

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