Something is Happening at Booth #11083

It’s that time of year again! TRAZER is attending the 69th Clinical Symposia & AT Expo in New Orleans. From June 26-June 29, TRAZER will join hundreds of athletic trainers to celebrate the AT profession. At the symposia, there will be educational sessions to learn about the profession and the technology that impacts the AT’s daily. You will simply get to learn from the best.


Most recently, Barry French Jr stated, “I’m psyched to be at the NATA 2018 to learn as well as share the how TRAZER is truly Changing the Game in concussion management, orthopedic rehabilitation, performance training, fall prevention and more. It’ll be an incredible convention!”


TRAZER provides instant, objective, actionable data to the clinician, patient and insurance company, providing valuable information regarding the individual rehabbing from an ACL, an athlete returning-to-play from a concussion, or the best performer on the field or court. TRAZER’s ability to provide actionable data and analytics allow a coach, an athletic trainer, or a physical therapist to more accurately assess, rehabilitate and train the patient or athlete.


Please come stop by booth #11083 to see TRAZER in action or reach out directly if you’d like to set up a time to meet. We hope to see you all this week for an awesome conference!



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