Rapid Assessments with TRAZER

Time is one thing that athletic trainers, clinicians and caregivers typically don’t have a lot of with all the responsibility on their plates.  TRAZER’s challenge was to create an assessment screen that could provide meaningful, objective, and actionable data on the subject in a minimal time frame.  The “LAS” (Lateral Agility Screen) and the “RAS” (Reactive Agility Screen) rapid assessments were designed to objectively measure the subject’s most basic movement skills in 90-seconds or less.

The Screenings have 3 core purposes:

  1. Identify players, or individuals with residual effects from either concussion, or lower extremity injury.
  2. Utilize more rigorous assessments, such as TRAZER’s full assessment, for those individuals shown to be at the highest risk of injury.
  3. Use TRAZER’s Return-to-Function protocols for rehabilitation and performance enhancement to mitigate risk.

Take a minute and see the LAS in action –

Take a minute and see the RAS in action –

“TRAZER is setting the standard for assessing athletes.  The ability to measure how quickly an athlete can cognitively recognize a stimulus, then move into the right position, is the key to assessing risk of injury and return to sports after concussion…or whether they have returned to bilateral function.”   Randy Cohen, DPT, PT, ATC, Assoc. Athletic Director for Medical Services, University of Arizona

“I see almost 100% post-op hip arthroscopy (labral repairs, correction of FAI, micro fracture, etc). These patients are almost always very active people and frequently high level/elite athletes. Determining readiness to return to play is a big deal and we certainly don’t like to rush this or risk patients not having success, but it’s not always as easy to find some of their limitations as it is in other joints. The LAS and RAS both have the element of fatigue built in which is something we have seen as a factor in patient outcomes with return to play. By having a very objective way of taking serial measures I am much more confident in our decision making process with these athletes.” Ashley Campbell PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, Nashville Hip Institute

Both of these assessments are located in their own section on the home menu screen of TRAZER.  They can be used to screen and compare large groups and establish cut-points, or to test more frequently and compare and track historical progress over time.

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