Determining Level of Agreement Between Individual Raters and Computer Observed Scores for the Balance Error Scoring System

Each year there is an estimated 1.7 million sports-related traumatic brain injuries (TBI).There is no true indication of the number of concussions because many go unreported. This lack of reporting may be attributed to multiple factors, including diagnosis and the need for standardized protocols. The Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) is a common assessment to determine postural stability for individuals following concussion and is frequently administered prior to and during the season, post concussion, and post season to measure detectable changes in balance. However, data concerning intrarater and interrater reliability is currently lacking when using new movement analysis technology. The reliability of the test may be improved with motion analysis technology. The TRAZER system tracks 25 anatomical locations body to measure precise movements and has the potential to increase the reliability of the BESS test.

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