Carnegie Mellon’s MSIT eBusiness Competition Works With TRAZER

It’s truly an honor and a pleasure to be a Partner / Sponsor with Carnegie Mellon’s MSIT eBusiness Competition this summer. We had an incredible meeting introducing TRAZER and are thrilled to continue working with these brilliant individuals over the next 9 weeks.

Carnegie Mellon’s MSIT eBusiness Competition is project based curriculum that gives its students real world examples to solve. This program creates graduates who are ready to take action and make an impact on the organizations they will be a part of.

TRAZER is excited to be a participating Partner/Sponsor this summer. They will be working to develop new and exciting applications to add to the TRAZER platform. We are excited about what the next 9-weeks will hold and to see the incredible outcomes at the end of the competition. The TRAZER family is looking forward to challenging these brilliant, young individuals, working with them, and seeing how they change the game in healthcare!



Look for some of these updates to the software as early as September 2018.


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