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Falls Can Be Devastating
When a senior resident falls, serious injuries, painful medical procedures or even death is often the result. Every year, hundreds of patients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities suffer falls that require hospitalization and emergency room treatment. Healing from these procedures can be long and painful and can frequently cause permanent disability, functional decline, reduced independence and reduced quality of life. Speed and reaction time are the clearest indicators of the tendency to fall.


What We’re Doing About It
The TRAZER® solution uniquely reproduces the challenges a senior faces without the constraints or risk factors inherent in the real world. The senior’s reaction time and decision making skills are tested against our revolutionary program which is designed to elicit reaction responses to real-time, interactive, random challenges, versus a pre-planned test. This produces direct, reproducible and reliable measurements of functional ability which can be used to assess their ability to control and adapt to new physical and cognitive challenges in real world scenarios.

We have created a systematic process that ensures senior health institutions are doing everything possible to reduce the likelihood and frequency of resident falls. Our program entails steps to reduce falls and increase the quality of life for seniors.

TRAZER senior health fall prevention programOur Recommended Fall Prevention Program
Below are the recommended steps that have proven successful at many senior health facilities throughout the US.

STEP 1: We recommend beginning with a detailed evaluation of a resident’s capabilities using our state-of-the-art TRAZER system. Typically this involves a brief and simple balance test to evaluate and understand the limits and balancing capabilities of a senior. Additionally, a more comprehensive test is performed to measure both speed and reaction times on both sides of the body independently. This creates a baseline against which to measure future tests. All results can be made instantly available via an online portal where residents and their loved ones can review activity, measurements and results.

STEP 2: Residents who have been determined to have an elevated fall-risk will be assisted in performing physical therapy sessions using our revolutionary TRAZER system. Over time, this allows the resident to strengthen muscles, improve reaction times and regain confidence. Typically, this will also result in improved balance and improved parity between both sides of the body.

After this 6-week physical therapy regimen, the resident is assessed to determine whether additional therapy sessions are necessary. All results and activities can be viewed online through a simple web interface.TRAZER senior health fall prevention program

STEP3: Every quarter, all residents are re-evaluated to determine current directional movement speed, reaction time, and balance as these can change rapidly in this stage of a senior’s life. This additional testing allows providers to identify residents that may have developed a higher risk for falls.

We’re Improving Quality of Life
We are committed to helping maintain the best health possible and are dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors. The TRAZER Fall Prevention Program is just one of the many ways TRAZER can help keep seniors active, engaged and happy. Often times, the TRAZER equipment is used for other interactive senior health programs that challenge residents with cognitive and physical stimulation and exercise.


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