Orthopedics: Move, Measure, Motivate

dreamstime_xs_30058004TRAZER is the only technology that simultaneously challenges vision, mind and body. No other device can do this. Its ability to measure and chart patient progress provides objective reporting and invaluable analytics for the patient and his healthcare provider. With six levels of specialized, interactive testing and rehabilitation for Knee, Ankle, Hip, Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation and an extraordinarily low perceived exertion rate, TRAZER encourages patient compliance and greater than normal effort.

It gives the clinician user-friendly tools to precisely control the direction, distance, and rate the subject travels in response to both unplanned and planned movement cues to address needs in orthopaedics, sports medicine, pediatrics, cardiac, stroke and neurology. Whether a disorder degrades the subject’s functional capacities (as with concussion, orthopaedic injury, stroke or arthritis) or where movement is essential to the full restoration of health (such as with obesity, heart disease, or diabetes), TRAZER accurately documents performance, compliance with the exercise prescription, and treatment outcomes.

Experts in the field of Physical Therapy, Dr. Michael Voight of Belmont University and Dr. Sean Lager, founder of Gotham City Orthopedics and Cleared to Play.org, discuss TRAZER’s tremendous impact on their patients

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