Millions of athletes sustain injuries each year, from youth players to professionals. TRAZER is a cloud-enabled medically-based technology solution that provides clinicians, coaches and physical trainers with actionable, objective data to intelligently assess any athlete. Beginning with pre-season baselines, all the way through an athlete’s career, TRAZER clearly informs rehabilitation and player improvement through an interactive game-like experience.

Metrics gathered by TRAZER empower doctors, physicians, parents and athletes to assess the performance capabilities of an athlete. This includes visual vestibular, cognitive, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and cardiorespiratory systems. The athlete’s reaction time and decision-making skills are tested through interactive challenges. This produces direct, reproducible, and reliable measurements of the athlete’s capabilities.
Our most successful clients utilize TRAZER to assess and rehabilitate athlete concussions. In less than 10 minutes, a baseline can be completed for comparison during post injury rehabilitation. This baseline data is compared to future Return-to-Play tests to determine the concussed athlete’s recovery progress.

4-Step solution for concussion rehabilitation:

  • Baseline Assessment
  • BESS TEST immediately post-concussion
  • Structured Return-to-Play Protocol
  • Return-to-Play assessment

TRAZER athletic concussion management solutionsThe same TRAZER test taken for a concussion detects movement deficits that may expose an athlete to a higher risk of concussion or future injuries. TRAZER tracks the acceleration, deceleration, speed and velocity of each movement. This provides doctors and physical trainers with objective data which better informs their assessment.

By assessing a player’s movement within a physical field of play, TRAZER provides data that can show an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. Coaches are able to utilize the results to better inform a balanced training regimen and areas of athlete improvement.

TRAZER athletic concussion rehabilitation solutions

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