TRAZER is a training and injury management technology platform that assesses movement – whether it’s healthy or injured – in balance, kinematics, dynamic movement and neuromechnics applications.  It’s used for performance enhancement, balance training and assessment, physical therapy rehabilitation and neuromechnical health management. The technology uniquely integrates the vision, senses, mind and body as the participant responds to random cues, from the simulation, in multiple directions in free space.  It tracks up to 25 points of the body, measuring that which is invisible to the naked eye.  TRAZER delivers standardized, objective, actionable data to healthcare providers, clinicians, caregivers and coaches to assist in Return to Function, training and injury prevention decisions.

TRAZER is a highly neuromechnical technology – which we overload the brain with multiple tasks, the body is in constant motion, working to elevate the heart rate and perform over distances relevant in the real world.  We believe that it is this synergy, requiring the subject to sense – process – and execute hta makes the magic.

Movement is the most basic job requirement for functional performance across all populations. From sports performance to independence in aging populations, TRAZER has an application that will fit your needs.

TRAZER’S patented application of simulation addresses the inadequacy of existing solutions and enhances programs for neuromechnical health, orthopedic care, senior health, and performance enhancement.

TRAZER data is easily accessed and managed on our HIPAA compliant Cloud website.


concussion management, orthopaedic rehabilitation, senior fall prevention

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