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The Latest Concussion and Orthopaedic/Rehabilitation Research From Prestigious Universities And Journals Throughout The World Compiled By Our Trazer Research Team.

TRAZER’s Lateral Agility Screen

In a study out of UT Chattanooga, a case-controlled comparison of 52 football players was conducted using TRAZER. 26 players had been formerly concussed. They were each compared with non-concussed players of like position, age and BMI. All subjects performed TRAZER’s Lateral Agility Screen, with a duration of 90 seconds...
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Measure What Matters With TRAZER

If you can’t measure it, how do you improve it?  The world struggles with objectively quantifying movement and performance. In athletics, we keep statistics on more information than it is seemingly possible. We run BEEP tests to measure endurance tests, 40-yard dash to measure speed, Pre-planned cone drills to measure...
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