IMG_5784TRAZER will attend the 68th NATA Clinical Symposia and AT Expo next week. Our team will travel from Cleveland, OH down to Houston, TX and join athletic trainers from around the nation to learn about the hot topics and important issues facing the AT profession. This is an incredible opportunity to view the latest products and services related to athletic training.


The newly released TRAZER T5 will be showcased at NATA. The NATA is a premier and very educational event for athletic trainers. Over 12,000 athletic trainers are expected to attend this year’s symposia!


Barry French Jr., CEO, is will attend NATA along with other members of the TRAZER Team. “The NATA is a fantastic organization that is bringing incredible value to its membership. Best of all, NATA leadership and the AT Expo attendees are going see how TRAZER T5 is revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals, coaches, athletes and even parents approach concussion management, injury prevention, performance training, rehabilitation, and fall prevention. TRAZER is a game changer for the athletic trainer and the athlete.” TRAZER T5 has athletic performance, orthopaedic rehabilitation, and concussion management programs that are beneficial to athletic trainers and their practices.


Come see for yourself and try out TRAZER. We will be at booth #2067 on Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-5pm, and Thursday 10am-1pm. Looking forward to seeing you!



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