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As a clinician, do you have difficulty judging exactly where your patient is at in the rehabilitation process? Are you tired of the incredible amount of documentation required for each patient visit? Let TRAZER make your job easy.

TRAZER’s ability to objectively measure and chart a patient’s progress is unparalleled and provides clinicians with objective reporting that can easily be shared with patients and insurance providers.

TRAZER is reimbursable through Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party payers through a variety of billing codes. TRAZER addresses needs in orthopedics, sports medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, cardiac, stroke and neurology and provides the means to precisely control physiological and physical challenges and responses.

TRAZER concussion management, rehabilitation - Medicare Medicaid

TRAZER gives the clinician user-friendly tools to precisely control the direction, distance and rate the patient travels in response to both unplanned and planned movement cues. Whether a disorder degrades the subject’s functional capabilities (such as with concussion, injury, stroke or arthritis) or where movement is essential to the full restoration of health (such as with obesity, heart disease, or diabetes), TRAZER offers an assessment protocol that accurately documents performance, compliance with the exercise prescription, and treatment outcomes.

TRAZER offers consistency of care. Though the patient may not have the same therapist or nurse each session, they can be administered through the identical program via TRAZER. The reporting is objective for each session. With proper password protected access, the patient’s TRAZER records can be shared with a new healthcare provider across town or around the world with the HIPAA compliant Cloud.

Dr. Joseph CongeniTRAZER concussion management, rehabilitation - Medicare Medicaid is the Director of Sports Medicine and Clinical Co-Director, Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at Akron’s Children’s Hospital. He is a noted researcher on the subject of concussions. Dr. Congeni identifies three obstacles to protecting our youth:

  1. There is no national standard for baseline concussion assessment; nor is there a path to delivery for every youth athlete.
  2. There is no national standard or structured return to play protocol. Nor is there the ability to objectively measure key performance indicators such as reaction time during game-like physical exertional levels.
  3. There are few educational resources for concerned parents, youth athletes, administrators, etc.



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