Rapid Assessments with TRAZER

Time is one thing that athletic trainers, clinicians and caregivers typically don’t have a lot of with all the responsibility on their plates.  TRAZER’s challenge was to create an assessment screen that could provide meaningful, objective, and actionable data on the subject in a minimal time frame.  The “LAS” (Lateral Agility...
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Carnegie Mellon’s MSIT eBusiness Competition Works With TRAZER

It’s truly an honor and a pleasure to be a Partner / Sponsor with Carnegie Mellon’s MSIT eBusiness Competition this summer. We had an incredible meeting introducing TRAZER and are thrilled to continue working with these brilliant individuals over the next 9 weeks. Carnegie Mellon’s MSIT eBusiness Competition is project...
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NSCA National Conference is Underway

Come join us at the NSCA National Conference this week in Indianapolis, IN. Abstracts that used TRAZER in their studies will be presented at the show and we are excited to see how this objective data benefits others and changes minds. There truly are no limits from what you can...
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Something is Happening at Booth #11083

It’s that time of year again! TRAZER is attending the 69th Clinical Symposia & AT Expo in New Orleans. From June 26-June 29, TRAZER will join hundreds of athletic trainers to celebrate the AT profession. At the symposia, there will be educational sessions to learn about the profession and the...
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TRAZER’s New Partnerships: Aegis, Fyzical & Andrews Institute

TRAZER is excited to announce three new partnerships with Aegis Therapies, Andrews Institute Children’s Health, and Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center.   Aegis is considered one of the leading providers of contract rehabilitative therapy in the U.S. with over 1,400 facilities across 41 states. They provide patient-centered recovery through rehab,...
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Measure What Matters With TRAZER

If you can’t measure it, how do you improve it?  The world struggles with objectively quantifying movement and performance. In athletics, we keep statistics on more information than it is seemingly possible. We run BEEP tests to measure endurance tests, 40-yard dash to measure speed, Pre-planned cone drills to measure...
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No matter who wins the TRAZER Bowl (other-wise known as the College Football National Championship between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs, the winners are the fans and game that get entertained by the amazing athletic abilities of these collegians. We at TRAZER are very fortunate to work...
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