Senior Health

With aging populations, safety, independence and satisfaction with life often depend on the ability to sense, react, and move effectively. With aging, movement skills begin to degrade. Movement speed and reaction times are generally slower. Strength, balance, agility, visual acuity, and cognitive processes may also be negatively affected. For senior health and fall prevention, TRAZER adds interactivity, spontaneity, functional movement demands and previously immeasurable metrics to the conventional 50-foot test and the 6-minute test.

trazer-seniorFor senior and/or de-conditioned populations, TRAZER offers an abbreviated 4 – 6-minute assessment comprised of lower amplitude movement challenges. This TRAZER test protocol transforms the conventional “walk test” measuring solely elapsed time to complete a pre-planned course into an interactive protocol measuring visual perception, reaction time, acceleration and distance traveled in each movement direction while continuously tracking heart rate. Whether a disorder degrades the subject’s functional capabilities (as with injury, stroke or arthritis) or where movement is essential to the full restoration of health (such as with obesity, heart disease, or diabetes), TRAZER offers an assessment protocol that accurately documents performance, compliance with the exercise prescription, and treatment outcomes.

TRAZER is a powerful tool for assessing performance of the complex tasks involved in daily living. By assessing and improving reaction time, balance, coordination and agility, TRAZER is a valid biomarker of our functional age. It is also a powerful tool for improving the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems, as well as perception and cognitive prowess.

TRAZER uniquely reproduces the challenges the subject faces without the constraints or risk factors inherent in the real world. Thus, the subject’s cardiac status is measured during functional (real world) activities, not while on a stationary piecdreamstime_xs_44821548e of cardio equipment. The subject’s reaction time and decision making skills are tested against a program designed to elicit reaction responses to real time, interactive, random challenges, rather than to a pre-planned test. This produces direct, reproducible and reliable measurements of functional ability which can be used to assess the ability to control and adapt to one’s environment and the likely response to new physical and cognitive challenges.


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