The “Concussion Crisis” is a source of significant pain for parents, athletes and coaches from youth to NFL. Our TRAZER® Sports Simulator, via full body sensing, 3-D graphics, and breakthrough measurement analytics, provides previously immeasurable data directly related to your athlete’s healthy sports performance capabilities.

TRAZER presents realistic visual cues to prompt game-like movements that progressively elevate the athlete’s heart rate to game levels. This allows us to assess global performance capabilities; visual vestibular, cognitive, neuromuscular/musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems. The athlete’s reaction time and decision making skills are tested against a program designed to elicit reaction responses to real time, interactive, random challenges, rather than to a pre-planned test. This produces direct, reproducible and reliable measurements of functional ability which can be used to assess the ability to control and adapt to one’s environment and the likely response to new physical and cognitive challenges.

TRAZER provides a 4-Step complete solution for concussion rehabilitation:

  • Baseline Assessment
  • Objective BESS TEST immediately post-concussion
  • Structured/Staged Return-to-Play Protocol
  • Return-to-Play assessment prior to athlete’s release to play

TRAZER athletic concussion management solutionsIn only 7-9 minutes, TRAZER establishes your athlete’s healthy Concussion Baseline for comparison during post injury rehab. This patented baseline data is compared to future Return-to-Play tests to assist in determining whether the concussed athlete has recovered his performance capabilities.

TRAZER provides the physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer, or coach with invaluable data regarding an athlete’s ability to safely return to game play.

But that is not all, this same TRAZER test detects movement deficits that may expose a healthy athlete to a higher risk of concussion or to knee or ankle injuries.

By being able to assess a player’s movement within the field of play, TRAZER is able to provide data that may help a coach determine which side of the field the athlete would be more successful on. If used throughout the course of time, TRAZER is able to show the progress of movement for the athlete throughout the course of the season, as well as find a balanced training regimen for the athlete.

TRAZER athletic concussion rehabilitation solutions

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