TRAZER’s technology uses game-like simulation to assess, analyze and improve recovery while gathering objective data. TRAZER offers rehabilitation, workouts, and assessments programs which contain drills that improve one’s health, wellness and strength. The data produced provides healthcare providers and clinicians with standardized, objective, actionable data to further understand the Return To Play/Return To A Daily Life protocol that must happen.

Our application covers patients across a wide spectrum which includes rehabilitation, workouts and assessments. TRAZER’s programs are made to rehabilitate an ankle, knee, hip, vestibular and regain balance. While TRAZER is used as a tool for clinicians and medical staff, it serves as a workout as well. When using TRAZER, a patient is participating in a cardio, speed, jumping, stability, resistance, and caloric workout. Our patients are continuously moving with TRAZER.

As functional performance capabilities for all populations, movement is the most basic job requirement. From sports performance to independence in aging populations, TRAZER has a customizable application that will fit your lifestyle.

TRAZER’S patented application of simulation addresses the inadequacy of existing solutions and enhances programs for orthopedic care, senior health, and injury prevention. TRAZER data is available immediately on our HIPAA compliant Cloud website.


concussion management, orthopaedic rehabilitation, senior fall prevention

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