TRAZERClinicians, athletic trainers, and coaches currently possess woefully inadequate tools to address widely recognized problems relating to the concussion crisis. Present test methods including neurocognitive tests, balance tests, and the like, fail to address the reality that concussed athletes suffer symptoms from disruptions in multiple systems, which results in diminished overall physical performance. These symptoms are then typically aggravated by increased physical activity.

Our new TRAZER Sports Simulator’s baseline test uses full body sensing, 3-D graphics and breakthrough measurement analytics to provide previously immeasurable information directly related to your athlete’s healthy sports performance capabilities. In the event of injury, this patented baseline data can be compared to future Return-to-Play TRAZER Tests post injury.

dreamstime_xs_10370383Our TRAZER technology employs computer-based simulation to create an accurate analog of the functional challenges of sports, work, leisure and daily living activities. This allows quantification of core physical and physiologic performance measures such as; reaction time, acceleration, speed, power, endurance, optimum movement posture, jump height, cardiovascular efficiency, caloric expenditure, and distance traveled. TRAZER is available in three different applications: concussion management, orthopaedics, and senior health and fall prevention.

TRAZER also provides healthcare providers and clinicians with standardized, objective, actionable data. TRAZER data is available in real time on our HIPAA compliant Cloud website. Immediate access to TRAZER’s objective trend reports and test results also gives the parent, coach or healthcare provider unique, relevant and invaluable information to assist in return-to-play and return-to-work decisions.


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